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McCabe Engineering Pty Ltd representing the HF MIXING GROUP holds a long standing license agreement to manufacture, sell service and repair rubber and plastics compounding equipment throughout Australia And New Zealand. This agreement continues to provide HF Mixing Groups domestic customers with continued support and ongoing service by experienced technicians available 24 hours a day.

A key aspect of McCabe Engineering’s capabilities in this field is the wealth of experience gained over the last 25 years of maintaining and the provision of site services to existing equipment.

McCabe Engineering is extremely proud to provide sales and engineering support to the HF Mixing Group Which for the past 150 years has demonstrated their continued commitment to meet the ongoing needs of their domestic and international customers alike.

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All of the significant innovations for the rubber processing industry, such as the invention of the Banbury® Mixer, the development of intermeshing rotor systems with fixed and variable rotor centers (VIC™) and tandem technology, originated within the companies of HF Mixing Group.

It started more than 150 years ago and will continue in the future.

The presentations and equipment details listed in our website are directly linked to the HF Mixing Group Sites.