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Our mixers and compounding facilities make an impression through technology and expertise

We offer sophisticated solutions to the international plastics industry

The HF Mixing Group develops and produces machines and accessories for the plastics and rubber industry with a high level of professional technical expertise. In particular, these include mixers for the manufacturer of technical rubber goods and the tyre industry. We build discharge aggregates and special machines for this branch of industry and handle the furnishing of compounding facilities – all the way to complete automation systems. Our sustainable products are used worldwide for the manufacture of tyre applications, sealing profiles, cables and friction linings as well as for thermoplastic elastomers and special polymer blends.

FARREL POMINI Compounding & Extrusion Systems

For polymer processing’s most demanding applications, FARREL POMINI equipment is unique and offers significant benefits.

FARREL POMINI is a global leader in the research, design, and manufacture of compounding systems for highly filled and temperature-sensitive polymer applications. Our unique equipment allows for superior energy and maintenance efficiencies, wide processing window, maximum on-stream time and accelerated return on investment.

All FARREL POMINI equipment is assembled and tested in our US facility to rigorous quality standards.