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ADVEX® System with UMSD Side Discharge Continuous Mixer

Advanced and efficient processing of polyethylene and other primary plastics.

The ADVEX® System contains an FCM®, Farrel Continuous Mixer with a side discharge. This Side Discharge Continuous Mixer (UMSD) is configured with an FMP®, Farrel Melt Pump and a C‑Series Underwater Pelletizer to form an efficient system for processing polyethylene in various densities. Utilizing continuous mixing technology, controlled mechanical shear is applied to mix and homogenize the polymer with a wide range of viscosities while maintaining an ideal processing temperature and reducing specific energy requirements.

This advanced, multi-stage post reactor compounding system provides accurate control for the inline adjustment of rheological properties and the addition of post reactor additives. Each ADVEX® System is custom designed.

The processing line can work as a one-stage or two-stage mixer and is configured in total with the:

  • FMP®, Farrel Melt Pump
  • Divert Valve
  • Screen Changer
  • C-Series Underwater Pelletizer

UMSD Key Features Include:

  • Separate and independently controlled mixing and pressurization, or extrusion, functions ensure each process is performed at optimum conditions resulting in low specific energy input (SEI)
  • Mixing intensity is externally adjustable by using the melt pump revolutions per minute in combination with adjustable dams
  • The control system automatically adjusts parameters to meet specific energy, discharge pressure set points and other variables
  • Multiple temperature control zones provide precise temperature control and efficient processing
  • Available with various L/D rotor designs
  • The control system automatically adjusts parameters to meet specific energy, discharge pressure set points and other variables

ADVEX® System Capacities

Mixed Power
Nominal Capacity
Mixer PumpCustomCustomFMP10FMP30FMP50FMP70FMP100
Melt Pump Power
Underwater PelletizerH100C220C350C500C650C1000C1200