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FMP™, Farrel Melt Pump

Ensures efficient processing and consistent
polymer properties.


The FMP™, Farrel Melt Pump is effective for processing multiple polymers.

  • Linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE)
  • High-density polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Low-density polyethylene (LDPE)
  • Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) / Polyethylene (PE) Copolymers

The FMP™ provides melt pressurization with minimal temperature increase and efficiency resulting from positive displacement, minimal backflow and limited energy dissipation. The FMP™, Farrel Melt Pump is connected directly to the finishing reactor flange for a “hot melt” discharge or an FCM™, Farrel Continuous Mixer for a granular or powder reactor discharge. The side discharge FMP™ maintains the rheological properties of the polymer, assuring consistency in physical characteristics.

FMP™ Key Features Include:

  • A custom-designed inlet flange of the polymer melt pump housing distributes the polymer melt over two intermeshing gears.
  • Tangential feed pockets force the polymer melt into the tooth cavities and the intermeshing, high precision gears carry the polymer melt along the periphery of the housing bores.
  • Where the gears intermesh, the polymer is squeezed from the gear tooth cavities. Because of close tolerances, high volumetric efficiency can be maintained over wide ranges of pressure and temperature.
  • Double helical gears offer pulse-free operation.
  • Gear shaft journals are supported by sleeve bearings lubricated by polymer melt and tapped from the high-pressure discharge. The polymer lubricant is collected on the opposite ends of the bearings and returned internally to the suction side of the FMP™, Farrel Melt Pump.
  • For standard polymer finishing line applications, the FMP™ employs a single drive shaft connected to a variable speed motor and gearbox. With this arrangement, the driven gear shaft turns the idler gear in the pump housing.
  • For high-viscosity applications, both shafts are driven.

FMP™ Farrel Melt Pump Capacities

Machine SizeFMP30FMP50FMP70FMP80FMP100
Nominal Production Rates
(in kg/h)*
Maximum Production Rates
(in kg/h)*

*All production rates should be factory verified.