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In order to operate high quality mixtures, it is essential to use optimally designed temperature control units.

Temperature control unit with digital intelligent controller – iTC

  • iTC especially developed for HF MIXING GROUP equipment
  • Temperature control depending on the mixing process
  • Optimal energy consumption
  • Trouble-free integration into the mixing line controls
  • Frequency regulation of the pump as an additional control parameter


  • Easy installation
  • Optimised operation communication and maintenance
  • Regulator optimisation
  • No heating phases during the mixing cycle
  • Reducing operating costs
  • Process data recording
  • Short commissioning time
  • Fully integration into HF MIXING GROUP control concept
  • Standard controller for all HF MIXING GROUP temperature control units
  • Available for different TCU´s manufactures

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Intelligent controller for state-of-the-art mixing technology.

The intelligent dust stop – iXseal

The digital dust stop controller iXseal for environmentally friendly mixing

  • Reduction of dust seal pressure
  • Optimized slip ring lubrication
  • Optimized annular gap lubrication
  • Less unidentified lubrication oil in the compound


  • Easy installation
  • Reduce mechanical wear of dust stops
  • Reduce brake effect & main drive energy input
  • Increase dust stop lifetime
  • Reduction of fresh slip ring oil consumption and therefore reduction of recycling costs
  • Reduction of fresh annular gap oil consumption and therefore reduction of recycling costs

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iRam & ADVISE® ES process controller

The intelligent ram controller

iRam Basic version

  • Ram up, down and cleaning position
  • Ram pressure control
  • Ram floating
  • Reduce pressure by drop door opening


  • Easy installation
  • Individual ram speed adjustment
  • Slowly approach of end positions
  • Fast and efficient pressure control
  • Increase system availability and thus increase the production output
  • Reducing of noise and thus improved working conditions for the operator at the mixer
  • Minimize wear
  • Included in ADVISE® CS

iRam Extended version

  • Variable ram layback controlled by recipe parameter settings
  • Ram „slow“ down and up movement controlled by recipe parameter settings

*HF MIXING GROUP hydraulic control (PLC) is required!


  • Easy installation
  • Possibility to achieve safe & better degassing
  • Possibility for improved distribution
  • Possibility for throughput increasing
  • Reduction of fillers on top of the ram
  • Reduction of raw material losses through dust collection system
  • Improved process oil injection achieving by sealed ram gap
  • Reduction of batch cycle time
  • Less ram cleaning time
  • iRam basic and extended functions are included in ADVISE® CS & ES

ADVISE® ES process controller

Ram position profile controller based on iRam

ADVISE® ES ram intelligent positions and pressure profile controller
ADVISE® ES profile designer with iRam intelligent position and pressure profile controller.
*HF MIXING GROUP ADVISE® ES mixing room control is required!


  • Easy configuration of ram position profile control in the ADVISE® ES software
  • Simple design of individual ram and pressure profiles in the ADVISE® ES office application
  • Reduction of accident risks by degassing of the mixing chamber (WPC and silica) during controllers ram moves
  • Additional mixing effect when using the sinus function
  • The batch may be pushed partially up into the feeding chute to allow better dispersion to improve batch quality
  • Slowly incorporate fibres to prevent fiber nests (excessively compressed the fibres) in the compound, thereby improving the compound quality
  • Reduce the time required for ram lifting steps
  • Possible process optimisation for silica compounds

More information

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ADVISE® ES Batch temperature controller

Constant batch temperature controller

The digital constant batch temperature controller based on ADVISE® ES software
Opportunity to mix for an extended time at a constant batch temperature


  • Easy configuration of constant batch temperature controller in the ADVISE® ES software
  • Constant batch temperature by varying of rotor speed
  • Possible process optimisation
  • Avoiding unintentional crossing of temperature limits during the automatic process
  • Controlled silanization at constant temperature over an extended period of time or transition
  • Simplified mixing of accelerator and crosslinking chemicals at controlled temperature
  • Prevention of scrap compound

More information

Download ADVISE® ES process controller Flyer

ADVISE® Oil injection controller

Torque related oil injection controller

The digital torque related oil injection controller based on ADVISE® ES software.

The torque related oil injection controller is an intermitting oil injection controller by monitoring the torque of the main motor.


  • Easy configuration of torque related oil injection controller in the ADVISE® ES software
  • Prevent slipping of mixer rotors after oil injection
  • Incorporation of large amounts of oil in shortest possible time
  • Better temperature control of cool the compound in a single stage process
  • Reduction of batch cycle time
  • Minimize power loss at oil injection

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Online condition monitoring

Increasing of equipment availability – Reduction of costs

Online dust stop monitoring – iCMSpot

iCMSpot – Online condition monitoring of dust stops

  • 24 V DC power supply
  • Digital output sensor signal
  • Steady “life bit“ sensor monitoring
  • Robust stainless steel housing

iCMSpot Sensor technology

  • Steady online condition monitoring of fixed dust stop wear surface
  • Sensor wear signal at 80% wear and 20% time to schedule maintenance

iCMSpot – Check Kit

iCMSpot – Check Kit for iCMSpot technology

Ensure years of continuous proper wear detection

  • No separate power supply necessary
  • Upper LED button – Check of iCMSpot sensor logic
  • Lower LED button – Reset & restart iCMSpot sensor

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