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FARREL POMINI Underwater Pelletizer

Innovative and efficient underwater pelletizer offers quality pellet output and simplified maintenance.


With the flexibility offered by numerous pellet plate designs, there is a wide variety of applications for the FARREL POMINI Underwater Pelletizer. This pelletizer has a proven performance in processing a wide range of polymers and viscosities.

Key Features Include:

  • All pellet plates are custom designed to meet specific processing requirements. The cutting face can be provided with a selection of different hard metal surfacing materials in the form of tiles, nibs, segments or as a solid coating.
  • A custom-designed internal heating configuration based on the specific application and whether the heating medium is steam or thermal fluid
  • The cutter shaft and knife alignment mechanism allow for precise alignment of the cutter shaft axis to the cutting face of the pellet plate.
  • The alignment retention provided by hydraulically activated mechanical clamps that lock the water chamber and the cutter housing assembly to the pellet plate.

Underwater Pelletizer Capacity

Maximum Capacity**

ModelPolyethylene kg/hPolypropylene kg/h
1,20066,000Contact Us