Edible Oil & Dewatering Processing

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Are you looking for high performance from a proven supplier for your edible oil needs? The HF Press+LipidTech is the world´s leading and most innovative partner in the sector of machinery and complete systems for oilseed processing and crude oil refining, and is thus the right partner for you! HF’s equipment has gained a lot […]

Rendering & Biomass Technology

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Environmental sustainability by recovering high-quality animal protein and fats. Are you looking for high performance from a proven supplier for biomass technology and rendering? HF Press+LipidTech provides proven technology for processing biomass material. Reliability and efficiency are the core features of our products. As an experienced partner, HF P+LT offers all essential components from single […]


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Supplier integrity & premium spare parts Our clients depend on our machines 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our systems are extremely reliable and very low in maintenance in every respect, provided that all wear and tear parts are inspected regularly and exchanged when necessary. We are constantly working on improvements for our […]

FARREL POMINI Compact Processors

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A compounder and hot feed extruder together on a unitized frame. The Compact Processor provides a unique technology solution to the polymer conversion industry. This highly productive compounder contains an independently controlled continuous mixer and extruder system mounted on a unitized frame that is pre-wired, piped, tested and ready for installation. The Compact Processor expertly processes […]

CP Series II™ Compact Processor

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Compounds and extrudes highly filled, temperature sensitive and abrasivematerials with low processing temperatures. The CP Series II™ Compact Processor with Continuous Mixing Technology is unique to the polymer conversion industry, offering high-performance compounding with the ability to convert highly filled, temperature-sensitive and abrasive materials at low processing temperatures. The extremely productive CP Series II™ is designed […]

CPeX® Laboratory Compact Processor

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For small scale testing and development. The CPeX® Laboratory Compact Processor utilizes the unique and proven FARREL POMINI continuous mixing technology in a size suitable for testing and development. The CPeX® design allows compounders to conduct laboratory-scale product development trials, extend product application portfolios, expedite time to market and reduce costs. The CPeX® is designed for developing new […]

High Precision Wear Measurement


SERVICES FOR MACHINES Benefits Minimized downtime Maximized efficiency Increased lifetime Reduced costs DIGITAL GAP/WEAR MEASUREMENT Digital gap/wear measurement of intermeshing and tangential mixers Individual count of measuring points Exact distance measurement Automatic operation High precision gap/wear measurement for internal mixers Easy installation Better results More precise runtime prediction 3D-ROTOR-DIGITISATION 3D-Digitisation of built-in rotors Precise measurement […]

Technical Centre


THE TECHNICAL CENTER OF HF MIXING GROUP For over 150 years now, the companies of the HF MIXING GROUP have been developing the best technologies for the rubber processing industry. Our competence is part of a long tradition. Now we would like to bring that competence to life for you – regardless of whether you […]

FARREL POMINI Underwater Pelletizer

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Innovative and efficient underwater pelletizer offers quality pellet output and simplified maintenance. Applications With the flexibility offered by numerous pellet plate designs, there is a wide variety of applications for the FARREL POMINI Underwater Pelletizer. This pelletizer has a proven performance in processing a wide range of polymers and viscosities. Key Features Include: All pellet […]

FMP™, Farrel Melt Pump

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Ensures efficient processing and consistentpolymer properties. Applications The FMP™, Farrel Melt Pump is effective for processing multiple polymers. Linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) High-density polyethylene (HDPE) Low-density polyethylene (LDPE) Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) / Polyethylene (PE) Copolymers The FMP™ provides melt pressurization with minimal temperature increase and efficiency resulting from positive displacement, minimal backflow and limited energy dissipation. […]